Papertrails boekies — a series of 6 boekies featuring artworks by the many young creators that make up the Lalela Project. The boekies are the outcome of workshops that formed a part of Papertrails, an exhibition and creative library at A4 Arts Foundation, 2022. Participants and facilitators played free-association games & created colourful poetic assemblages using a colour photocopier and a stock of images and text photocopied from various south african publications - as well as a growing ‘lucky packet’ of leftover cuttings from previous workshops, and stripey, wavy, wrapping paper from the tuck shop around the corner (thanks Tara!).

Facilitated by francis burger, Jonah Sack and Sven Glietenberg in collaboration with Firdous Hendricks, Nwabisa Ndongeni, Marilyn November, Alicia Libbie, Mark Oppelt, Evelyn Kanyekwele, Terri Dennis, Rowan Roman, Chuma Nozewu, Siyolisi Bani and Amy Cornfield from the Lalela Project (Disa Primary, Masiphumelele High, Sentinel Primary, Silikamva High, Hout Bay High, and Phillipi Village) and Tara Weber.  With thanks to all of the young creators, facilitators, and to everyone at A4 Arts Foundation for making this possible. ❤️

Lalela, Silikamva High, with Terri Dennis. 2022

Lalela, Phillipi Village, with Chuma Nozewu. 2022

Lalela, Sentinel Primary, with Mark Oppelt & Evelyn Kanyekwele. 2022

Lalela, Hout Bay High, with Rowan Roman. 2022

Lalela, Masiphumelele, with Nwabisa Ndongeni. 2022

Lalela, Disa Primary, with Marilyn November. 2022

The photographs reproduced within each boekie are all © their original authors and are shared for educational and non-commercial purposes. The artworks were remix works by various South African artists and photographers, and were photocopied from books and magazines shared through the Papertrails exhibition, and Photo Book! Photo-book! Photobook! curated by Sean O’Toole, A4 Arts Foundation, 2022 – bibliographies of both exhibitions are available at