#unleash, processing_process

Facilitation of processing_process & co-facilitation of #unleash. September 2020.

#unleash was an explorative course conducted remotely with 1st year Bachelor of Architecture students at UCT’s School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics (APG) – with dr. heeten bhagat & Kyle Morland (A4 Arts Foundation, Academy) & dr philippa tumubweinee (APG director), Amy Thompson, Arthur Lehloenya, Matthew Dasneves, Daniel Xu, Albert van Jaarsveld, Michael Tietz-Geldenhuys & Leon Coetzee (APG team)

The course asked students the following question, “can you rethink/design/imagine a building through the lens of an artwork?”

Processing_process was a sub-thread within this challenge that saw students’ engage, gather & share evidence of their working/making/thinking process through a series of experimental prompts and reflections. The resulting archives share sketches, doodles & other material from the design process, as well as images and sounds created in response to various ‘creative reflections’.*

To view the entire #unleash course visit the project website apg-bas101

A presentation document used to present the #unleash course may be viewed here.

1. Jordan Arendse, Creative Reflection 8b ‘Instructions’, 2020
2. Keamogetswe Mojapelo, 'Green Trash', 2020 (after Rowan Smith's 'White Trash', 2017), 2020
3. Thuto Vilakazi, Creative Reflection 5, ‘bricolage’ after Kyle Morland's 'Nude', 2016), 2020
4. Jenna Bramley, Creative Reflection 2, ‘daily process’, 2020
5. Georgina Chappel, Creative Reflection 9, ‘stretch’, 2020
6. Tristan Turner,  Creative Reflection 7, ‘Rubbing & sounding’, 2020
7. Margiet Smit, Creative Reflection 2, ‘daily process’, (inspired by Mark Rautenbach), 2020
8. Anna Hauff, Creative Reflection 5, ‘bricolage’ (after William Kentridge’s ‘Cat/Coffee Pot’, 2019), 2020
9. Zoe Foale, Creative Reflection 2, ‘daily process’, 2020
10. Thuto Vilakazi, ‘Surrealistically unleashing the A4 Arts Foundation building...’, Creative Reflection 2, ‘daily process’, 2020
11. Zoe Foale, Creative Reflection 2, ‘daily process’, 2020
12. Zoe Foale, Creative Reflection 9, ‘Stretch’, 2020
13. Aobakwe Boikanyo, Creative Reflection 5, ‘bricolage’ (after William Kentridge’s ‘Cat/Coffee Pot’, 2019), 2020

*Beyond the gathering of process material, the Creative Reflection tasks aimed at bringing everyday ‘living things’ into the speculative, digital, design process at the core of the #unleash course. For example, the first of these ‘reflections’ asked groups to share their working environment through a first-person perspective drawing. Others included the challenge to ‘stretch’ an A4 piece of paper (creative reflection 9, an instruction by dr. heeten bhagat), to document a texture through sound (creative reflection 7), to re-create artworks using everyday household objects and ‘found’ models on sketch up (creative reflection 5, inspired by the Getty Museum art challenge), to perform and record ‘instruction’ pieces by artists Benjamin Patterson, George Brecht, and Yoko Ono (creative reflection 8), to navigate their immediate environments or neighborhoods with the question ‘What happened here?’ (creative reflection 6), to create a recipe evocative of an artwork (creative reflection 10), etc...